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Introducing our Keto Meal Plan 1500cals, a great tool for those looking to kickstart their ketogenic diet journey. With expertly curated meals totaling 1500 calories per day, this plan is designed for short term use of no more than 7-14 days. This meal plan is perfect for individuals looking to achieve their weight loss and health goals through the keto diet, providing a convenient and nutritious solution for their dietary needs.


You will recieve an informative guide about the Keto Diet, a full shopping list, the 7 day plan and all the yummy recipes!


Start your keto journey with our Keto Meal Plan 1500cals today!


*It is important to note that this plan may not be suitable for those with underlying health or chronic health issues, and we strongly advise speaking to a GP before starting.

7 Day Keto Meal Plan 1500cals

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